Practical Parenting Ideas: Beyonce' 7/11 Parody Featuring My Kids!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Beyonce' 7/11 Parody Featuring My Kids!

In one of my Facebook groups recently Brittany from Meet the Bullens was asking for video submissions of kids dancing crazy. This sounded like something my kids would have fun with so we decided to give it a go! The kids had a blast dancing around with their hands in the air, clapping, spinning, etc. (In case you don't recognize them, they're the ones in the green shirt, pink/jean dress, and light blue dress.)

We just watched it for the first time yesterday morning, and I think it turned out awesome! It's so fun to have my kids be a part of it, and see that they fit right in with the other kids. They were thrilled to see themselves being crazy and we've re-watched it several times. So what else can I say? ... Be prepared for a little crazy, a lot of fun, and cute personality!

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