Practical Parenting Ideas: 50 Healthy Snack Ideas for On-the-Go

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

50 Healthy Snack Ideas for On-the-Go

I've learned one of the best ways to stay energized during a busy day as a parent is by having healthy snacks on hand. Pre-packing snacks so they're ready to throw in your purse or diaper bag can help you avoid going hungry or eating junk food because it's convenient to order from a fast food restaurant or get from a vending machine. After I go to the grocery store I take time to separate the food into individual servings before I put it away.

50 Healthy Snack Ideas
  1. diced fresh fruit
  2. chopped almonds in plain yogurt & honey
  3. all-natural fruit leather
  4. celery and peanut butter
  5. natural fruit snacks
  6. ham and cheese stick roll-ups
  7. whole wheat crackers
  8. hummus and fresh veggies
  9. low sugar cereal
  10. light or plain popcorn
  11. rice cakes
  12. granola bar
  13. fresh veggies with light dressing
  14. mixed nuts
  15. low-fat cottage cheese and fruit
  16. grapes, fresh or frozen
  17. roasted seeds
  18. yogurt tube
  19. apple slices with almond butter and granola
  20. low-fat string cheese
  21. chips and salsa
  22. carrots with Greek yogurt mixed with dry ranch seasoning
  23. raisins
  24. banana
  25. mushrooms
  26. trail mix
  27. granola bar
  28. whole wheat toast
  29. pretzels
  30. string cheese
  31. toasted pumpkin seeds
  32. apple
  33. pickles
  34. mini muffins
  35. frozen yogurt covered blueberries or strawberries
  36. hard boiled egg
  37. lunch meat
  38. natural applesauce
  39. roasted chickpeas
  40. avacado on toast
  41. low-fat cottage cheese
  42. chia seeds with low-fat yogurt and berries
  43. sliced cheese and ham
  44. peanut butter on wheat crackers
  45. granola with greek yogurt and berries
  46. sliced apples and low-fat cheddar
  47. side salad with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, light dressing
  48. dehydrated fruit
  49. fat-free refried beans in wheat tortilla sprinkled with cheese
  50. flatbread crackers and toppings
*Don't forget to pack water, too, to help you stay hydrated.

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