Practical Parenting Ideas: 25 Days of Christmas Activity Ideas

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

25 Days of Christmas Activity Ideas

PIN it on Pinterest, Photo Credit: Zion's Studio

When the stress of the holiday season starts to get to me, I realize it's time to slow down and focus on time with family. We love finding activities the kids can get excited about that are fun, inexpensive, and practical. Things that make them smile. Things that they created and can be proud of. And most of all things that bring us closer together and remind us of the true meaning of Christmas! This year we have a goal to do 25 different activities as a family.
  1. Make decorating the tree a family event
  2. Go sledding and then have hot chocolate
  3. Design Christmas cards to send out
  4. Create your own ornaments with ideas from Pinterest
  5. Donate clothes or toys to families in need
  6. Drive around town together at night and look at Christmas lights
  7. Make a gingerbread house out of graham crackers
  8. Watch a Christmas movie with popcorn or a holiday treat
  9. Bake goodies as a family for the neighbors
  10. Go Christmas caroling
  11. Shovel snow for elderly neighbors
  12. Invite friends over for a holiday dinner
  13. Watch Christmas home videos from past years
  14. Volunteer as a family at a local shelter or nursing home
  15. Build a snowman together
    Photo Credit: Zion's Studio
  16. Make wreaths or Christmas ornaments out of pine cones
  17. Learn how various cultures celebrate Christmas
  18. Create a manger scene out of construction paper or play dough
  19. Make and a calendar or chain the kids can use to count down till Christmas
  20. Wrap pajamas or a special gift to open on Christmas Eve
  21. Help the kids make gingerbread people out of brown grocery sacks
  22. Make snow globes with old jars, glitter and a small toy glued to the lid
  23. Deliver cookies on Christmas eve to those that have to work (ie: firefighters, policemen, nurses)
  24. Help the kids act out a Christmas/Nativity play
  25. Include a manger under your Christmas tree for baby Jesus

Enjoy the holidays with your little ones!! 
Have more to add that your family enjoys doing together? We'd love to hear in the comments below!

All photos were used with permission by Rebecca, owner of Zion's Studio.

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