Practical Parenting Ideas: 15 Ways Non-Parents Can Tell You Must Have Kids

Monday, December 15, 2014

15 Ways Non-Parents Can Tell You Must Have Kids

My husband was at school recently and pulled a baggie of goldfish crackers out of his backpack to munch on. A classmate kinda giggled and looked over saying, "You have kids, don't you?" Smiling, he said, "Yep, 3 of them." It wasn't hard for him to know why his friend was asking. So what are other tell-tale signs that you're a parent? Just for fun, here are some we've thought of.
  1. You clean everything with wet wipes, baby-related or not
  2. Instead of a fancy decoration on your coffee table you have a diaper organizer
  3. You go to take your wallet out of your over-sized purse and grab a diaper instead
  4. Your outfit accessories occasionally include dried baby spit up or something else your child wiped on you
  5. You suddenly announce that you have to go potty
  6. Eating out you ask to see a kids menu out of habit
  7. The answer to how was your weekend starts with "My kids and I..."
  8. The floor of your car is covered with bits of food and toys
  9. You're quick to offer advice and talk it out when someone confides in you
  10. Your social schedule revolves around your child's nap time or bedtime
  11. You zone out mid-conversation because you're suddenly worried you may have forgotten to do something
  12. Your lunch often contains kid-sized snacks and a PBJ
  13. A setback or change of plans doesn't affect you much, but seems second nature
  14. You almost always look tired, but somehow manage to SMILE
  15. When asked how YOU are doing you start talking all about your kids and the development stages they're currently in

Regardless, I wouldn't trade being a parent for anything in the world, through all its joys, challenges, and embarrassing moments!

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