Practical Parenting Ideas: Love in Marriage: Making Time for Each Other

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Love in Marriage: Making Time for Each Other

The average American family today is often overwhelmed with a variety of means that take their time and attention. If you're like me, you often find it challenging to schedule date night or even have time to communicate effectively. Between work, school schedules, and the daily routine our time feels stretched between life's demands. It's also easy to focus on the kids' needs and forget that our relationship needs nurtured, too. Over time it can prove detrimental to a relationship that was once strong (but don't worry, you can work on that).

Making more time for your partner:
  • Leave a notepad on the counter to write sweet notes when coming and going if unable to see each other during the day
  • Make it a habit to call or text your partner on your lunch break at work to see how her day is going
  • Put a note with his lunch just to say “I love you”
  • Schedule a date night at least once or twice a month, and be creative in finding new things to do
  • Write a love letter sharing your commitment and feelings
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  • Set aside some uninterrupted time in the evenings to talk about your day and plans for the week
  • Keep a calendar available to track your schedules so you’ll know when your partner will be home
  • Try to plan at least one activity each week you can both look forward to having the time to do together
  • Surprise your spouse with a gift, flowers, tickets to an event, etc. "just because"
  • Become more interested in hobbies your partner enjoys and do them together
  • Plan a weekend getaway in advance so you will both have time off from work (or a babysitter for the kids) and can have time for just the two of you                           
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  • Keep the romance alive by being spontaneous and fun in the bedroom
  • Make a big deal about anniversaries-- and not just the marriage date, but first date, first kiss, became boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. Remember them and find some way to celebrate that's special to you both
  • Above all, communicate often with your partner and try to be understanding and accepting of each other, your needs, and ambitions in life
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  1. This is great advice. It is important to make sure that you make time for your partner so you can keep the spark alive.