Practical Parenting Ideas: 10 Tips for Teaching Good Study Habits

Monday, July 21, 2014

10 Tips for Teaching Good Study Habits

With the school year starting in about a month it's time to gear toward helping the kids develop good study habits. One of the most important aspects of academics is spending adequate time studying outside of the classroom. Rather than focusing on finishing quickly, kids should be taught to really learn the subject matter. In the end, effective study habits will set a foundation for lifelong learning.
  1. Encourage him to ask questions at school to gain a better understanding of concepts that are unclear.
  2. Have a certain time of day set aside for your child to do her homework. Whether it is upon returning from school or after dinner, make it a consistent time so she'll be in the right mindset to study.
  3. Provide a quiet, well-lit space at a desk or table to help him focus.
  4. Urge her to do her homework independently, but be available to help as needed.
  5. When he comes to you with a problem you are unsure how to solve, dig in together to discover the solution-- this will foster important research skills.
  6. Tell your child you want to review his homework when he's finished. Ensure she put in her best effort and give feedback as necessary. Be sure to give praise for her hard work, too!
  7. Help your child learn to prioritize his homework. The assignment due the next day should take priority over a project that is due in a week.
  8. Be involved in what subjects your child is learning and offer supplemental education at home, including helping her study for tests.
  9. Avoid offering special privileges upon finishing homework as he may be more likely to rush through it. If the focus of studying is put on the reward rather than the learning process of discovering something new, he will begin to see learning as a chore and a means to something better. Rather, encouraging him to learn the task at hand in a positive setting will help him develop a true love of academics.
  10. Perhaps most important of all, be proud and show it! Be positive about her achievements and hard work. Good habits will continue with her throughout her school days and help her achieve academic success.


  1. These are really wonderful ideas. I need to be much better about several of them. I am pinning this post to remind myself! Thanks!

    1. I'm glad they could be helpful. Thanks for the comment!