Practical Parenting Ideas: Potty Training Tips and Tricks

Monday, June 30, 2014

Potty Training Tips and Tricks

Potty training can be a challenge for both parent and child. Perhaps you are trying to figure out if your child is ready, you've had some unsuccessful attempts at training, or you're just plain out lost as to where to start. Learning some simple potty training tips and tricks can help you both feel more confident about the process.

  1. Find the right bribe- Some kids will go for treats like M & M's while others can be more motivated with small toys/ objects.
  2. Sticker charts- It doesn't have to be anything fancy- get a sheet of paper and stickers and let them chose a sticker each time they go. An alternative to a sticker chart is put the stickers directly on your child's clothing. They will love to show dad when he comes home from work their success.
  3. Lots of undivided attention, positive reinforcement, love, affection and pride when your kid is successful. This is perhaps the most important potty training tip. You can never praise them too much and they will love the attention!
  4. Frequency- You may need to have them go every 20 minutes at first. Keeping them going often will help avoid accidents and gain more confidence. Many parents find it helpful to set a timer.
  5. Figure out the fear- Some children who have a hard time pooping in the potty actually view bowel movements as a literal part of themselves and are afraid to watch them flush away. One trick is to cut a hole in the bottom of their diaper so they feel a little more secure pooping.
  6. Have patience- training isn't going to happen overnight so be patient with initial constant trips to the potty and any accidents.
  7. Target practice- You can teach a boy to go potty standing up having them aim at cheerios!
  8. Put in underwear- As soon as your child is starting to get the concept, it's a good time to switch to wearing underwear. Kids love to go to the store and pick out the kind they want and usually it helps with training because kids can feel the wetness sooner.
  9. Location- sometimes when they're first learning to use the potty it can help to put the potty where they can see it (ie: family room, play room, etc) to remind them to use it.
  10. On the road- Some kids can be terrified of the automatic flushers in public restrooms. If you put a Post-It note over the sensor, it will prevent the toilet from auto-flushing. After he/ she's all done, wiped, and left the stall, you can remove the paper to let the toilet flush.
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