Practical Parenting Ideas: 50 Family Activities for Summer-time

Monday, June 30, 2014

50 Family Activities for Summer-time

My family made a summer bucket list this year of fun, inexpensive activities we want to do. Here are some simple ideas to keep your kids busy and get the most out of summer vacation!
  1. Picnic at a local park
  2. Hot dogs and smores up the canyon
  3. Swimming at a local pool
  4. Create art with sidewalk chalk
  5. Kiddie pool/sprinklers water fun
  6. Attend Kids Workshops at Home Depot
  7. Library story time (many have special summer programs)
  8. Go to a dollar movie
  9. Read a good book together
  10. Visit a local farmers market for unique crafts and tasty home-grown food
  11. Explore ocean life at the aquarium
  12. Go to yard sales 
  13. Have a family water fight (with some ground rules)
  14. Play at local splash pad
  15. Go bowling
  16. Feed the ducks at a pond
  17. Visit the Zoo
  18. Attend a local sports event
  19. Go to a family-friendly play or performance
  20. Set up a scavenger hunt in your yard or neighborhood
  21. Play night games outdoors such as hide and seek or kick the can
  22. Lay under the stars and look for different constellations
  23. Visit a botanical garden
  24. Take the family window shopping along a main street to get out for a stroll
  25. Blow bubbles
  26. Turn on music and dance around
  27. Go on a family bike ride
  28. Enter a local race
  29. Host a neighborhood potluck block party
  30. Build sandcastles at a park or sandbox at home
  31. Set up a slip and slide in your yard
  32. Have a lemonade or cookie stand
  33. Enroll your kids in swimming lessons
  34. Have a neighborhood car wash
  35. Help the kids do an act of service for a neighbor
  36. Have a family talent show and help kids show their creative side
  37. Reorganize or redecorate your kid's room
  38. Eat popsicles
  39. Have a barbecue and play outdoor games
  40. Create summer-themed crafts with the kids
  41. Organize your home and donate unused food or toys
  42. Go for a nature walk and notice trees, plants, and bugs
  43. Visit a local museum
  44. Take the family out for ice cream
  45. Have a family board game night
  46. Go camping in tents in the backyard
  47. Plan simple Olympic games with the kids
  48. Ride a local tram, train or bus
  49. Make play-dates with other moms
  50. Plant flowers or care for a garden together
Have additional ideas? Please share in the comments below!
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