Practical Parenting Ideas: Helpful Car Seat Safety Information

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Helpful Car Seat Safety Information

I like to consider myself savvy on this subject and for good reason! Car seat safety is a serious matter and ideally every parent should educate themselves as much as they can. Being aware of what car seat is best for your child's age and weight, taking car seat classes, and replacing expired car seats are a few ways to help your child be safer in the car.

Have you read the new NHTSA child car seat recommendations? I really feel extended rear facing is so much safer and that's why my 18 month old is still turned back!

I highly encourage all expecting parents to take a car seat safety class (places like the county department building often offer them free) and have their car seat installation inspected by a trained technician.
  • Safekids Worldwide has several helpful resources for parents from an installation checklist to figuring out what car seat is best for the age of your child.
Not all car seats work in every car. For that reason you should try out a new car seat in your car before using it to ensure the seat will incline in the correct position. If you have more than one child you will also need to figure out what seats fit in the space you have in your car.

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Also, make sure to be aware of when your car seat needs to be disposed of, including:

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