Practical Parenting Ideas: Hide-a-boo Hideouts: Supporting Kids' Imaginations Through Play

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hide-a-boo Hideouts: Supporting Kids' Imaginations Through Play

My kids and I were recently introduced to Hide-a-boo, a new company that inspires kids' imaginations through play. We had a blast at their local KickStarter event playing with the different Hideouts and printables that went along with them. We have to agree with them that play has been on the decline and their product line is a great way to get kids exploring and imagining the way they're meant to be! 

Each Hideaboo Hideout is easy to slide over a standard-size card table for hours of play. Kids can climb inside as they embark on adventures in the deep blue sea, an enchanted castle, set off for space, or head out on a camping trip! Then create puppet shows from the backdrop sides and play with their toys on the aerial view playmat.

Hideaboo Teachables come with every Hideout and include adventure cards and journals, as well as puppets, costumes and game ideas. They're the perfect way to inspire creativity even further as the kids explore during playtime. What I personally love the most is that they're all easy-prep for busy parents who want simple ways to keep their kids learning!

Happy Camper, Underwater Submarine, Outerspace Rocket, and Enchanted Castle are available for pre-order.

I loved seeing my kids' reactions at the Kickstarter event. I had been talking with my kids about the Hideouts before attending, and as soon as we walked through the door my 4 year old exclaimed, "Mom, it's the Hide-a-boos!" My creative 6 year old then noticed all the Teachables out on the tables and was ready to start coloring. My 9 year old commented on how much fun everything looked. He was excited to role play stories as they explored the Hideouts.

At the event they also had this larger version of the Outerspace Rocket Hideout that's a lot of fun for the whole family. You can order your Hideouts now at special pricing through Kickstarter. Select ones are now available on their website as well, including bake sale and lemonade stands. We won the Hot Cocoa Stand at the event, and my kids have had so much fun serving pretend hot chocolate. We can't wait to own all of the Hideouts!

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