Practical Parenting Ideas: Free Printable Soccer Snacks Tags

Monday, May 30, 2016

Free Printable Soccer Snacks Tags

My older two were in soccer this year, my son for his second year. It's been fun to see the kids grow and develop their own interests. I just love what sports teach them when it comes to physical fitness, self-confidence, and teamwork. Plus, they just have a lot of fun playing the game!

Our local teams have the parents sign up to bring a snack to one of the games. I wanted to find a way to personalize our soccer snacks, and was excited when I found this free Soccer Snacks printable on The Chic Site.

The biggest thing I love about this soccer snacks idea is how simple it is to put together. I let the kids pick out two snacks at the store, grabbed some paper bags, and printed the tags. Throw it all together with a little tape and you're good to go!

For easy transportation to their game, I reused a box to carry the soccer snack bags. The kids grabbed their snacks at the end of the game, and they all seemed to like the presentation!

Way to Goal Team!!!

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