Practical Parenting Ideas: Simplifying Your School Morning Routine

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Simplifying Your School Morning Routine

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School mornings can be hectic trying to get the kids to school on time. This last year I've been working graveyards, which usually means I'm rolling out of bed to get them out the door after getting every ounce of sleep I can. We've found a few tricks that help us save time and sanity in the mornings and get them to school before the bell rings (at least most days).

1. We love these Back to School Chart Printables from 36th Avenue because they can be printed and laminated or framed to be reused every day to help the kids take responsibility for their homework and other preparations for the coming school day. We have the colored version for the girls and black and white for my son. 

2. Our jackets and backpacks are kept easily accessible near the front door since they're the last things we need to grab before heading out. These magnetic hooks work well because they're removable without leaving sticky residue and can be placed within the kids' reach. We also have a shoe rack next to the door and encourage the kids to put their shoes away when they take them off so we don't waste time in the morning looking for them.

3. As for making their lunches, we keep some healthy sides handy in the fridge and on the top kitchen shelf in plastic bins. The kids help grab items to pack their lunches, as well as, eat for breakfast. Some of our favorite sides: 250 Easy and Healthy Lunchbox Ideas.

4. Getting dressed for school is another feat, especially when you have little kids that are picky about what items of clothing they wear together! By rolling their clothes into outfits when the laundry is put away, though, they can quickly grab something to put on and dress themselves without fuss.

5. Besides keeping clothing and food easily accessible and helping the kids get ready independently, we aim for good habits with bedtime and wake-up times every day so they have the energy they need to do well in school. What else helps your family get ready for school quickly in the mornings? We'd love to hear in the comments below.

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  1. I love these ideas! Not only do they help the morning routine go smoother but it helps kids take responsibility for getting themselves out the door.

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    2. I think teaching independence is definitely key to getting out the door on time!