Practical Parenting Ideas: 15 Fun Locations for End of Summer Picnics

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

15 Fun Locations for End of Summer Picnics

Guest post by author Andy Andersen

There’s no better way to finish off the summer season than enjoying one last picnic out in the open air. Here are some fun and exciting location ideas to make your end-of-summer picnic a truly memorable event!

1. Down by the River
If you live by a river, there’s no better place to give summer the rustic send-off it deserves. A river can be a tranquil, serene, and peaceful place to enjoy good food and let the atmosphere take you away. So take your picnic down to the river and enjoy the unique experience it has to offer.  

2. In Your Own Backyard
If you want to do something more low key, why not have an end-of-summer picnic in your own backyard. Having an outdoor meal at home gives you immediate access to your kitchen and thereby more meal options. Take the opportunity to experience a great meal outside within comfort of your own home.

3. In the Mountains
If a picnic by the river isn’t quite enough to get you away from it all, go for a hike in the mountains and reward yourself with a picnic at the end. The mountain air, natural surroundings, and separation amounts to an exhilarating atmosphere for a relaxing meal with friends or family. If you’re packing your food for a long hike, here are some tips to keep your food safe and germ-free.
4. For a Party
Not sure what to do for an end-of-summer party? Make it a large-scale picnic. Invite everyone attending to bring something and make it a potluck. There’s no better way to capture the spirit of summer before it ends.

5. At the Lake
Take your picnic to the lake and make it a multi-faceted activity. Go for a swim, or go fishing, catch part of your meal and cook it by fire. Just make sure to bring enough to eat in case the fish aren’t biting. 

6. At the Beach
If you live by a beach—or find yourself at the tail end of a beach vacation—there’s no better place to have a picnic. If you have a portable grill and access to a beach that will allow it, have a barbecue on the beach and play some beach-oriented games. 

7. At a City Park
Blend the urban with the natural and have your end-of-summer picnic at a city park. Bring the frisbee, the dog, and some friends and let the gravity of the city and the wind between the trees take you through the perfect send-off to summer. 

8. In the Woods
If you live in close proximity to the woods, a picnic is a great excuse to get out into the thick of it before summer ends. Bring a loved-one or just a couple of close friends and make it a close, quiet affair. If the weather is already starting to cool down in your area, make sure to bundle up and don’t stray too far away from civilization.

9. By Candlelight
Looking for a more romantic way to end the summer? Take your partner out for a night-time picnic by candlelight. You may want to pick a place you know will be safe at night—your backyard, a park in a safe neighborhood—and choose a meal that will correspond with the mood of the occasion. Whatever the location, the summer night will surely provide a setting where memories are made.

10. At the End of a Bike Ride
Whether you mountain bike or cycle, having a picnic of healthy foods at the end of a long bike ride can be a fun, satisfying reward for your efforts. Make planning for the picnic part of the fun by strategizing which foods will hold up and pack easily on your way to the finish line. 

11. As Part of a Museum Trip
While you’ll be hard pressed to find a museum that will let you picnic in the middle of the tour, making a picnic part of your museum trip might make for a great day out. After your trip to the museum, find a nearby park or nature spot to have a picnic so you can embrace nature and culture together in one package. 

12. At a Water Park
Water parks are fun, but the concession prices are often a bit steep. If your water park of choice allows it, save a few bucks and bring your own picnic as part of the fun.

13. On a Boat
Make lunch a special part of your last boating trip this summer and pack a grand picnic. This’ll give you a chance to recharge your batteries and enjoy your company before getting back on the water skis or wakeboard.

14. On the Roof
Looking for a picnic that’s really out of the ordinary? Take your picnic to the roof and enjoy the view while you eat. Just make sure that your rooftop picnic spot is safe before you embark. 

15. At Sunset
Many of the locations we’ve already discussed could be further enhanced by a beautiful sunset. If your stomach will allow, hold off on the picnic till dusk and enjoy the sunset with food, family, and friends.

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