Practical Parenting Ideas: Affordable Fireworks for July 4th Celebrations

Saturday, June 27, 2015 Affordable Fireworks for July 4th Celebrations

My family loves celebrating the 4th of July! While we don't do all of the same activities each year, we always have a barbecue and end the day with fireworks. We look forward to the fireworks most because our friends put all of their fireworks together to put on a huge show. There's just something magical about the way each firework lights up the night! I especially love watching the expressions on my kids' faces.

I was excited when I heard about this year! Not only is it the best place to purchase affordable fireworks (even cheaper than stores in Evanston, Wyoming), but they take customer service seriously. Provo Fireworks loves being a part of creating memories for families on Independence Day. As part of this they provide little extras to customer's orders. You'll also have the security of their no-dud guarantee"If you get a dud, I provide you with your option of a refund or to replace the firework. Again, I stand behind my product." (Provo Fireworks)

Provo Fireworks is able to keep their costs low because they operate online rather than having the overhead expense of running a tent. Customers can avoid the heat and crowds to shop at their convenience online, then pick up their order for free or pay $5 for delivery if they live in Utah County. Another benefit of shopping online is there are video demos for most of the products so it's easy to see what each one does. Custom firework packages are also available for different age groups.

Check out for more information and enjoy saving on your selection of snaps and sparklers to commercial aerials! Disclosure: I received compensation by Provo Fireworks in exchange for this post. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

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