Practical Parenting Ideas: Hands-on Learning at Discovery Gateway Children's Museum

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hands-on Learning at Discovery Gateway Children's Museum

If you live near downtown Salt Lake City or get a chance to visit and want to take the kids somewhere they can experience hands-on learning, go to Discovery Gateway Children's Museum! Growing up in Utah I'd heard a lot about it, but this was our first visit together (my son had been on a field trip with his 1st grade class) and I have to say it was about time! The kids had an absolute blast! As soon as we left they were already asking when we'd be able to go again.

Our first stop once inside the museum was The Garden. It was so neat to watch the balls shoot up the mechanism to swirl around in the tubing and make their way back down.

Then the kids wanted to explore the construction area at Kid's Eye View. This was their favorite place to play. My girls, though definitely "girly girls" in ways, also love role playing and building like their brother. I loved watching them interact and work together to get the blocks from one area to another! My son even built the house according to the blueprint on the wall.

C enjoyed testing out his car repair skills and filling the car up with gas. I love how engaging Discovery Museum is for kids as young as my toddler and for older kids like him (8 1/2)!

My older two love to see how things work so the water part of Kid's Eye View was intriguing to them. They explored for more than 15 minutes, turning the mechanisms to watch the balls move with the flow of the water and in different areas of the course.

While the older two played with water, this cutie's attention span didn't last as long. She found her way into the kitchen and toddler area where she found play food, flowers, toys, a fun bird house, and boat to sit in. What perfect little spots for a 3 year old!

After the water/toddler area fun, the kids started to check out the farm. Just as I was starting to wonder where Mr. C went off to I turned to see him dressed up as the Postman with letters to deliver around town! The kids then found other dress-ups that included a police officer and fireman, and continued playing at the store and farm.

Upstairs we found several more areas to explore, including The Studio. The kids enjoyed learning all about recycling, theater, and science. In the end we had a lot of fun, and can't wait to visit Discovery Gateway again soon!

Disclosure: My family received one-time free admission to Discovery Gateway Children's Museum from U.S. Family Guide in exchange for this post. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

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