Practical Parenting Ideas: Gender Reveal Party Drinks

Monday, January 12, 2015

Gender Reveal Party Drinks

So even though I'm not expecting a baby, I find it fun to think of creative ideas related to pregnancy. Actually, I got the inspiration to write this post from other bloggers sharing their gender reveal ideas so why not join the party, right!?

I was excited when I came up with this idea because it's pretty simple. Just buy some water bottles and drink mixes, then cover them with labels. At Target I found a liquid drink mix for blue and the individual powder mixes in pink. Strawberry Lemonade ended up being a little dark (more like red than pink), but still completely distinguishable from blue when you're talking gender!

I found these adorable free chevron labels on That's What Che Said. Hers are blue or pink, but for the element of surprise I just printed them in black and white. Figure out spacing and print the words over the sheet of labels or keep it simple by using a Sharpie. Some ideas for phrases are It's a ...?, Girl or Boy?, ??? Baby is a?, We're having a ...?
Once your labels are ready, tape the ends securely to the water bottle. Also, be sure to cover the drink mixes to avoid revealing the baby's gender too soon! I thought calling it Baby Dust was kinda fitting and fun. The blue was Baby Powder.

Pink or blue? Display your water bottles and drink mixes, ready for party attendees. When you're ready to announce baby's gender, instruct guests to pour the powder packets into the water. Oh look, it's a boy (or girl)!!


  1. I love this idea! It's so creative and interactive!

  2. These Gender Reveal Party Drink labels are superb. I liked the idea. My sister-in-law is also expecting and I am planning a baby shower for her and would be booking one of her favorite LA event venues. It will be a fun luncheon so I would like to use your ideas.

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