Practical Parenting Ideas: Kids Christmas Lanterns

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kids Christmas Lanterns

We had so much fun with our Kids Halloween Lanterns that we decided to use the same idea for Christmas! We love that they're simple, fun, and almost kid-proof! The kids use them in their rooms as decorations and night lights for the month of December.

All you need is these items:

"Christmas colored" plastic cups
Permanent markers
LED tealight candles

I found the colored cups and LED tea lights at Zurchers party store in party packs of 50. Red cups would have been fun, too, but since we had green and white left from Halloween we decided to just use those. The tealights were also from Zurchers, sold in a pack of 15. *Make sure you buy LED lights than run by battery and not regular tealights.

Use a permanent marker to draw on the upside-down cups. 

Put 1-2 LED tealights under each cup. I found it worked best to have two under the green cups and just one under the white. The tealights flicker like real candles, which makes the illumination beautiful.

Turn off the lights and you have a fun night light! Seriously, my kids have so much fun with these!

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