Practical Parenting Ideas: Turkey Cookie Placeholders

Monday, November 17, 2014

Turkey Cookie Placeholders

For as long as I can remember my family has made Turkey Cookie Placeholders to have at each place setting at Thanksgiving dinner. Usually they are labeled with a toothpick and each of our names so we know where to sit, but I think also so we wouldn't accidentally eat two (it happened!) Ha. Seriously, though, I love holiday traditions like this and plan to continue it each year.

Cookie turkeys are really easy to make. All you need is four ingredients: 

Fudge Stripes Cookies 
Reese's Miniatures 
Milk Chocolate and Peanut M & M's
Chocolate frosting
Optional: Red Hot candy for gobble (we used half an M & M this time)

For each cookie turkey you'll need 2 Fudge Stripe cookies, 2 Reese's Miniatures, 6 Milk Chocolate M & M's (or 5 and a Red Hot), 1 peanut M & M, and chocolate frosting.

First cut the bottom off one cookie.

Second, unwrap the Reese's and put frosting between the halves to stick them together for the turkey's body. Add more frosting to the bottom to adhere it to the uncut cookie.

Use the frosting to put 5 M & M's around the cut cookie for the turkey's feathers, and spread a thin layer of frosting on the straight part to stick it  to the back.

Use more frosting to attach the Peanut M & M's head. Then use half of a Chocolate M & M or Red Hot candy for the gobble.

And there you have it! A fun cookie turkey beside your Thanksgiving plate! Enjoy!


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