Practical Parenting Ideas: The Red Fred Project: Touching the Lives of 50 Children in 50 States

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Red Fred Project: Touching the Lives of 50 Children in 50 States

This post comes to you on a more serious note about a cause we're excited to promote, one that is touching REAL families whose precious children have been affected by disease.

The Red Fred Project began when Dallas Graham, a talented graphic designer and photographer from Utah had a goal in mind-- to help one family with a critically ill child in each of the 50 U. S. states. Together with these kids he illustrates characters, writes a story they create, and publishes it into a book-- something tangible they can be proud of. All proceeds from book signing and sales go to supporting the child and their family.

Nathan Glad at his book signing in Utah.

Last year, the Red Fred Project team worked with 5 children in 5 states-- Utah, Idaho, California, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Videos of their touching stories can be seen here. The work continues to roll forward-- this week book 6 will be available with 2 more in the making for 8 total in the coming weeks!

I personally enjoyed watching the videos of these sweet kids and reading all about the project. Many of us have kids in our lives that are ill. I have a nephew that was diagnosed with Leukemia last year and it's been hard to watch him go through it. I love how upbeat and positive kids can be even when they have all reason not to be. The kids in these stories are truly inspirational to me! For more information, check out their campaign, what they've accomplished so far!

Shae Simis, in Idaho, enjoying her time with Dallas Graham.

What can you do to help?
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  2. Donate:fundraiser with 11 days left has been set up to help the Red Fred team reach children in the other 45 states. Please consider giving to this great cause, every little bit helps! 
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  1. What an amazing project!! I haven't heard of this before, so really glad you shared it.