Practical Parenting Ideas: Kids Protection Planning: How to safeguard your most precious “assets”

Monday, October 13, 2014

Kids Protection Planning: How to safeguard your most precious “assets”

Imagine you're out on a date with your spouse. While traveling from the restaurant to a movie theater you're in a head-on collision with another vehicle on the freeway. You're both rushed to the emergency room, fighting for your lives. Your kids are home asleep and don't know anything has happened yet. Forty-five minutes past when you said you'd be home, the babysitter starts to worry. She texts and calls you. No response. Growing more worried she calls her own parents who then notify the authorities. At this point other family members arrive to take over caring for your kids. The State tells family that the kids will need to be taken into their custody until a temporary (or possibly permanent) guardian is established. Tears stream down your kids' faces as they leave with unfamiliar people. The darkest day of their lives just got much, much worse.

A few months ago the idea of what might happen if my husband and I were to pass away is something I hadn't thought a lot about. When I first learned that my kids could be taken away from other loving family unless I took action in advance of such tragedy, I decided we had to get serious about creating a legal plan. Not only that, but I wanted to be sure our kids would be raised by a family we choose-- one that shares our values and would be loving caregivers. We had an amazing experience with Nathan Croxford at Haslam Law, and I'm excited to share more about the most practical way to safeguard your most precious assets-- your children.
Some legal food for thought.

You may have noticed that traditional estate planning attorneys prefer to work only with wealthy clients and primarily focus on planning for death. They are mostly concerned about the financial assets and fail to give adequate attention to protecting and preserving the most priceless assets that exist-- namely our children, our families, our traditions, values, beliefs, and our unique family cultures.

The Personal Family Lawyers at Haslam Law are not traditional estate planning attorneys. Their team of talented attorneys and compassionate support staff, most of whom have children of their own, is passionate about helping families preserve and protect total family wealth: the human capital and the financial assets. Their holistic approach to planning for life allows families to ensure that their most priceless assets live on as a family legacy that enriches the lives of their posterity for generations.

What's a Kids Protection Plan?

Haslam Law provides Kids Protection Planning, a proprietary, kid-focused planning method designed to prevent the protective custody scenario (nightmare) discussed above. As parents, we spend every waking moment of each day doing everything we can to protect our most precious young children from all manner of physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial harms the world can inflict. Yet-- due to widespread misconceptions about estate planning-- these same incredibly responsible and caring parents fail to take the necessary steps to ensure the protection of their children if, heaven forbid, they are not longer there to provide that protection themselves. One of the primary objectives at Haslam Law is to educate parents like you and me about the risks of not planning, and to help us break through the conflicting and often incorrect assumptions about estate planning so that we can take practical action now to ensure our children are safeguarded and that nothing is left to chance.

Don’t put it off any longer.
Nathan and his entire team at Haslam Law are dedicated to forming lifelong relationships with their clients and I can tell you from personal experience that they bring excitement, vision, and energy to planning for life. To help you stop procrastinating and get started right away protecting your children and your family, Haslam Law has provided readers of Practical Parenting with the gift certificate below. For a limited time, when you call Haslam Law and mention Practical Parenting, you can schedule a complimentary Kids Protection Planning Session with Nathan to discuss your specific circumstances (a $550 value). Contact Haslam Law by calling 801-951-0500, mention Practical Parenting, and schedule your complimentary Kids Protection Planning Session with Nathan today!

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