Practical Parenting Ideas: How Much Clothing Your Newborn will Actually Need

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How Much Clothing Your Newborn will Actually Need

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New and expecting moms love to 'ooh' and 'ah' over all the cute baby clothes found in stores. While many stores have a huge selection of clothing, most you won't actually need. It's important to remember that baby will grow rapidly during the first few months and, outgrow clothes just as fast. When shopping for your baby's first wardrobe, you should focus on the basics and remember that many people will also be buying clothing as gifts for the new arrival.

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Another thing to take into consideration when shopping is that newborns spend a lot of their time sleeping. It's essential that they are comfortable above anything else. It might seem sweet to dress them in little jeans or dresses but it's not altogether practical for a baby who needs to be changed up to four times a day and falls asleep constantly. It's a far better idea to dress your baby in comfortable sleepwear for the first few months.

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Here is a list of essentials for your newborn baby's first wardrobe:
  • 1 coming home from hospital outfit. Keep in mind what season your baby is going to be born in and make sure the outfit will keep baby comfortable
  • 6-10 baby gowns with and without feet to be worn for sleeping and during the day
  • 6-8 body suits or onesies to go under the sleepwear
  • 10 -12 cloths for burping and wiping spit up
  • 5-8 pairs of socks
  • 1-2 hats (especially for a winter baby)
  • 2-3 hooded towels and washcloths for bathing
  • 3-5 receiving/swaddling blankets
  • Optional 2-3 sleep sacks or wearable blankets
  • Optional 15+ cloth diapers if you're doing cloth (or 1-2 bags of newborn diapers)
  • Jacket (or coat depending on the season)
If you expecting and are going to have a baby shower, it's a great idea to register for gifts so that you can have some help with things you need for the baby.

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