Practical Parenting Ideas: Moms glamming it up now just because they can!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Moms glamming it up now just because they can!

*Guest Post by Amy Garner, Jamberry Nails consultant*

After a long day of momming it up, I just LOVE looking past the messy house and taking a glance at my gorgeous nails! No, I lied… I finish washing dishes and pause to look at my nails. I just washed who-knows-what out of the carpet or my daughter’s hair and stop to admire my nails. So many things in my life are perpetually messy, my appearance used to be one of those things! Even on a day when I’m wearing yoga pants and haven’t ran a brush through my hair, I still have my nails done!

It wasn’t always like this… I gave up on painting my nails years ago. Even if I could manage getting them painted and dried without a smudge, I would just cringe to see chip on finger number one the next day, then fingers 2-5 the next day! I barely found time to paint them, I didn’t have time to go remove the polish… so I was embarrassed of my pre-teen looking paint job the rest of the week. Boo to that.

When I tried Jamberry for the first time, I squeezed as much out of those sample strips as I could. I wore them 7 days and I was HOOKED. I have mastered the application and easily get 12+ days out of each set. The wonderful thing is, they look amazing the entire time, they aren’t gradually fading or chipping each day! Take a look at this application process using a 50 cent rice bag as the heat source. (Microwave it 20-30 seconds)

If you have a little princess running around, she will see them on you and want them too. Jamberry has thought of that. They offer Jamberry Juniors with a range of sizes on a sheet designed for girls ages 8 and younger. <3 They are so stinking cute, and many of them coordinate with mom. Your first full application may take you around an hour, but don’t worry, as you get it down, you can do it in 20-30 minutes and then forget about it for 2 weeks. It is great! When it’s time to remove them, just do it slowly with some warm olive oil (some people use nail polish remover, but I hate the smell)… and they come off without having caused any nail damage.

They won’t change diapers or do the laundry for you, but they WILL be there with you through it all, putting a smile on your face and making you feel a tad prettier than before. If you know a consultant that sells them, ask her for a free sample! If you don’t, well, I don’t just wear them – I am a consultant too. Jamberry has offered me the chance to quit my job as a CNA and work from home. I won’t get into that, but if you love Jamberry, you may find yourself toying with the idea too ;) Request a free sample here:

When you are shopping around, don't be scared by the price! Two things that make them well worth it (besides knowing how long they last): You can get two full manicures and pedicures per sheet, if you buy 3, you get 1 free. For Jamberry Juniors, they can get at LEAST 3 manicures and pedicures (good thing, because we know my 2 year old does not keep them on more than 3 days, the stinker.)

If money is tight, book a party! You don't need to put out refreshments or stress over company for this kind though, party on facebook and earn some for FREE.

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