Practical Parenting Ideas: Emergency Preparedness Checklist & Honeyville Food Storage Giveaway

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Emergency Preparedness Checklist & Honeyville Food Storage Giveaway

Preparing for a natural disaster when one strikes is like painting a house in the rain. You have a good intention, but the timing is bad. It's important to protect your family by learning about how to cope in an emergency and having adequate supplies ready to go ahead of time.

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Emergency Preparedness Checklist
  • Keep your emergency backpacks with food storage, important documents, and supplies organized and easily accessible
  • Hold a family meeting to discuss what to do in the event of a disaster (including fire, earthquake, severe weather, power outage, and other emergencies) and how to respond
  • Draw a home floor plan, marking two escape routes in each room
  • Choose three emergency meeting places 1. in your home in case of an earthquake, 2. near your home in case of a fire, and 3. farther away from your neighborhood in case it isn't safe. Make sure the kids know these places and understand that they should go there, especially if they can't find you
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers in main rooms of the house and educate the kids when and how to call 911
  • Take a first aid and CPR class together and discuss how to properly care for personal injuries
  • Teach family members how to safely turn off the water, electricity, and gas
  • Store family records in a fire and water-proof box and keep safe, but readily available
By planning ahead you can be a lot more ready to face whatever comes your way!

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