Practical Parenting Ideas: Chalk the Block: Fun Local Event for All Ages

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Chalk the Block: Fun Local Event for All Ages

I love getting out with the kids for local events, especially ones I feel have educational value. I have always had an interest in art, ranging from drawing to photography, and want my kids to develop artistic abilities as well.

Chalk the Block Art Festival is an annual three-day event that brings together more than 200 artists. Sections of the parking lot are blocked off for artists to show off their abilities for the cause of supporting kids with autism.

We took our time walking around to admire the artwork. What amazes me is one piece is so different from another. Some were so bright and busy, others more subdued and simple. But they were ALL unique and told their own story in a beautiful way.

My girls quickly had a favorite when they saw Ana and Elsa.

One of my son's favorite video games is Minecraft so he was drawn to this one.

Children are invited to draw outside of the sectioned artists' work and on this Chalk Bus, which my kids thought was pretty cool! (What a creative idea to paint a van with chalkboard paint!)

After all the drawing, we stopped for lunch and some kettle corn from a nearby vendor. We had a great experience and I totally recommend Chalk the Block as a creative family event for all ages!

*Proceeds from the event go to Clear Horizons' for children with autism.

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