Practical Parenting Ideas: 8 Ideas for keep your kids content while you work from home

Monday, August 18, 2014

8 Ideas for keep your kids content while you work from home

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As a work-at-home mom I know how challenging it can be to keep up with caring for the kids and meet deadlines. While it can be tricky to balance work-family life, with some organization and restructuring of your day you can have time to earn the extra income your family needs.
Following are some suggestions for keeping the kids busy while you work from home.
                        Water fun on the balcony while I got work in.
  1. Nap Time: If your child still naps, use that time to get some uninterrupted work in. Even if an older child no longer naps, having some quiet time to themselves will still allow you to get your work done.
  2. Around their schedule: Depending on your daily routine, a good time to work may be for a little bit before your kids wake up in the morning or after they go to bed in the evening. I'm not a big morning person myself so evenings work best for me.
  3. Play office by mom/dad: Give the kids a play phone, crayons, paper, coloring books, workbooks, etc. to let them "work like mommy." If they're younger and you're worried about them coloring on the walls, try Crayola Color Wonder products.

  5. Quiet Time: My kids often have "quiet time" while I work. I encourage them to read books or do learning workbooks for part of the time, then they can watch a movie or T.V. show. I find having books and workbooks (with pencils, crayons, etc.) organized and easily accessible helps with their independence.
  6. Learning Activities: Choose a variety of activities your child enjoys doing and create space for them; we have a closet in our hallway dedicated to learning activities. Coloring in a coloring book, painting, playing with play dough, doing file folder activities, etc. My 4-year-old especially loves to sit and cut with scissors.
  7. Puzzles/Board games: Depending on your kids' ages, puzzles or board games/card games can be a lot of fun. Some of my kids favorites are Candy Land, Sorry!, Hedbanz, Hungry Hippos, & Connect 4.
  8. Online Interactive Sites: Let your child play educational games and activities on your computer, iPad, iPod, or other electronic device. Several stores also sell kids learning laptops that teach a lot of different concepts.
  9. Playing near you: Kids are often more content to sit and play with toys if they can be near you. For this fall when my older two are in school I'm making space by my desk for bins of toys, puzzles, and other learning activities. On warmer days I also enjoy working outside while my kids ride their bikes or play with something like a sand and water table.

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