Practical Parenting Ideas: 50 Creative Date Ideas to Keep Your Relationship Fun

Monday, August 11, 2014

50 Creative Date Ideas to Keep Your Relationship Fun

Whether you're just starting to date, are dating someone seriously, are newly married, or have been married for some time, it's always important to make time for your special someone. It's easy to get in a rut doing the same things on dates (or not go on them for lack of ideas). But with a little planning you can have dates that will give you new experiences and deepen your relationship, while keeping it fun!

  1. Go hiking in the evening and watch the sun set on the mountain top
  2. Set up a scavenger hunt for your date with clues in places you've had memories at
  3. Visit a wishing well or pond with a roll of pennies and say wishes aloud and thow them in
  4. Build a bon fire in the canyon and roast hot dogs, marshmallows, starburst, etc.
  5. Get up early to watch the sunrise then make breakfast together
  6. Videotape your own movie that you write, using props from around your home/apartment
  7. Buy cheap kites and fly them at a local park
  8. Gather pictures and make a scrapbook of your memories
  9. Go on a bike ride around town or up a trail
  10. Go on a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood to collect ingredients to make cookies together
  11. Get paper and a clip board and conduct survey (random questions) on people you meet in a public place
  12. Read a book together outdoors on a blanket (or indoors by a fire)
  13. Take a class together you'll both enjoy, learning a new sport or finding a new hobby
  14. Have a candle light picnic dinner in the park
  15. Visit a nearby pond and feed the ducks and your own picnic lunch
  16. Go to a thrift store with $5 each and see who can find the best (or ugliest) outfit, wear it on your date
  17. Set up your own drive in movie with a projector in your your yard, garage or up the canyon while you watch inside your car or on blankets
  18. If you have a large group, play some good old fashioned night games together
  19. Play frisbee after dark with glow sticks to light up the frisbees
  20. Play bingo at your local grocery store with a bingo card you created including random items, such as, scrunchies, spandex pants or hiking boots. Split up and see who gets "bingo" first
  21. Build an indoor fort with blankets and tables then watch a movie or play a game inside
  22. On a hot day play a game of water balloon volley ball or swimming pool kickball (kiddie pool for home base)
  23. Eat a picnic lunch in an unusual spot, such as a round-a-bout or in the back of a truck
  24. Play frisbee golf at a local park, then stop off for smoothies on the way back
  25. Go on a nature walk and collect wild flowers, bring along a bagged lunch
  26. Go to a dollar stores and puchase gifts for each other to have an unbirthday party. Have a contest for who bought the most creative or coolest present
  27. Have a baking contest where each couple makes a different item of food/dessert
  28. Attend live entertainment together, such as a local band or play
  29. Make finger foods for dinner and feed each other
  30. Make a mixed cd of all your favorite songs that have meaning to you as a couple
  31. Even if you can't sing, take turns singing ballads for free at
  32. Visit your local farmers market and buy a lemonade or fresh fruit to snack on
  33. Paint mugs at a make-your-own shop.
  34. Stop by a local bakery and buy a treat for each other
  35. Take a horseback riding class together
  36. Hit a bucket of balls together at a golf driving range
  37. Build a snowman together then drink hot cocoa by a fire
  38. Take a class at the college together to learn a new hobby, such as pottery or jewelry making
  39. Go paint balling in a wooded area
  40. Rent some tandem bikes and ride around town or on a trail
  41. Visit your local zoo and bring a packed lunch
  42. Decorate your apartment to look like you're in a foreign country and cook food to go along with the theme
  43. Find a place to go Geocaching, which involves finding hidden treasure using a handheld gps
  44. Bake tinfoil dinners and eat around a campfire snuggled in blankets and share your favorite memories
  45. Buy some flowers and give them to random people on the street that seem to need cheering up
  46. Visit a local orchard and pick fruit together to include in a picnic lunch
  47. Wake up early, grab a flashlight and hike up the mountain to watch the sunrise and the city wake up
  48. Wash your cars together (accidently get each other wet)
  49. Plant a tree, vegetable or plant together
  50. Dodge sprinklers at a public park or golf course to see who remains the driest
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