Practical Parenting Ideas: 10 Tips for Keeping Your Home Office Organized

Thursday, August 28, 2014

10 Tips for Keeping Your Home Office Organized

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Many families today that need a two-parent income are taking advantage of the opportunity to work from home, and staying organized in a home setting is vital to working effectively and meeting deadlines. Whether you have an entire room dedicated to your home office or simply a corner, with a bit of planning you can arrange your work space to have all you need easily accessible. You'll be able to spend more time actually working when you're not trying to find things on your desk.
  1. Ditch the extra pens: There’s no need for an overflowing supply of pens at your desk and chances are you tend to use your favorite ones. Keep 10 or less that are in good condition and throw out the rest.
  2. Do away with Post-its: They easy to misplace and don’t look great all over your monitor and desk. Rather, keep a small notebook or dry erase board handy to jot down reminders.
  3. Blank file folders: Keep some blank file folders and a label maker in the front of your file drawer for easy access to create new files and keep your desk clear of papers.
  4. Avoid eating at your desk: Eating at your desk makes it easy for paper cups, bags, utensils, etc to clutter your work-space. You also deserve to take a full break and enjoy your meal without interruptions.
  5. Throw out printouts: Once you’ve completed a task that you printed out, throw it away or file it if needed. You have it saved to your computer and don’t need to keep it on your desk.
  6. Frequently used items handy: Organize the things you use daily in more convenient places than those you don't use as often. Make a convenient spot on a shelf or in a drawer for all of your desk supplies, including a stapler, tape, scissors, pens, paperclips, etc.
  7. Consolidate wires and electronics: If possible, create a separate place for your wireless router, cable modem, battery backup and bundle extra wires together to provide for a more clean and organized work space.
  8. Storage space: It helps to have adequate space for what you need to have on your desk or in files. If you don't have enough space, consider getting a separate filing cabinet or drawer set for keeping things in an organized space.
  9. Clean your desk: In addition to clutter, having a desk that is dusty or dirty will look almost as bad as one that is piled with stuff. Keep cleaner close by so it's easy to do a quick wipe-down. Having a clean desk is likely to motivate you to keep it clutter-free.
  10. Organize as you work: Once you've organized a set space for everything to go, make sure you keep things put away between tasks. It will be a lot easier to upkeep your desk than to let it go, until you finally dig in and clean a heap of a mess. If you get behind a little during the day, take the time to clean up so that you'll be ready to work the next time you sit down.
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