Practical Parenting Ideas: Ten Memorable Anniversary Date Ideas

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ten Memorable Anniversary Date Ideas

Celebrate your anniversary right this year with a romantic date that will say to him, “I love you even more than the day we said ‘I do’”. Make your partner see that you remember what it was like to fall in love with her and that you want to feel that way day after day.
  1. Re-enact a Special Date:  Think along the lines of first date, first kiss, proposal, etc.  Set up the date “scene” as closely as you can remember to re-capture the beginning of your relationship all over again.
  2. Create a Book about Your Life Together:  Collect pictures of when you were dating, your wedding day, family road trips, holidays and celebrations, births of children and other meaningful times.  Add captions depicting memories of your lives together as a couple.
  3. Picnic at the Place You Got Engaged: If the place is too far away re-enact it the best you can.  Enhance the romance with a candle-lit dinner and dressing in formal wear.  Reminisce on the feelings you both had on that particular day.
  4. Have a Romantic Spa Day in Your Home:  Relax in a hot tub or jetted tub, give each other massages and enjoy time to unwind together.
  5. Splurge on a Honeymoon Style Dinner:  Think of your favourite meal while on your honeymoon and have it catered and served to you in your home or a hotel.  Have other activities from your honeymoon planned for the day.
  6. Visit a Bed and Breakfast Close to Home:  You don’t always need to travel far to get a vacation from every-day life.  Order room service and simply delight in your free time away from work and other responsibilities. 
  7. Two-activity Date Night:  Accommodate your loved one by each picking something you have tried to get your partner to do.  For instance, go to a football game and then watch a chick-flick.  End with an activity you both enjoy like getting a frozen yogurt, and remember your care-free courting days.
  8. Turn Your Home into a Vacation Spot:  Light some candles, change into comfortable clothes, and curl up in cozy blankets and pillows.  Turn off all electronics and spend the evening having take-out and meaningful conversation.
  9. Drive-in Movie and Concession Stand:  Take a more “old-fashioned love story” approach by borrowing a screen and projector you can set up in your yard.  Watch a favourite movie together while snacking on popcorn and favourite treats.
  10. Renew Your Vows:  Honour your commitment to each other by having a vow renewal ceremony.  Invite close family and friends and recreate your wedding day.  Don’t forget to hire a photographer to capture the special re-commitment.
However you choose to celebrate, a romantic anniversary date will build new memories and strengthen your relationship for years to come. You’ll find your love deepened and renewed as you recall just how you fell in love in the first place.
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  1. #1 would be perfect for our 10 year anniversary this month! Denny's at 11pm, he ordered Eggs of My Hammy and I had fries and a hot cocoa! :-) Thank you for the inspiration! (we are also going on a cruise, but after the actual anniversary date)

    1. That sounds like a lot of fun and a will be wonderful way to reminisce about your first date! A cruise sounds nice, too! I'm glad I could give you some ideas.