Practical Parenting Ideas: Happy National Parents' Day!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy National Parents' Day!

We all know that being a parent is a challenging job and, although what we do often goes unappreciated, we can find joy in the little moments that make it all worthwhile. It may be watching baby learn something new, snuggling with a story before bedtime, or being entertained by the kids being silly.

It's hard for me to even start to mention all that's behind being a parent. But I will just say that whether you have one or eight, you can relate to sleepless nights, endless cooking and cleaning, teaching important lessons, and trying to keep them happy. You're used to schedule changes, often juggling many tasks at once. Although often downright exhausted, you manage to keep going because of the unconditional love for your kids.

I did a survey recently that asked what five things I most enjoyed about being a mom. After some consideration, it simply comes down to these...
  1. Mutual unconditional love
  2. Seeing them develop and learn new things
  3. Being busy, but productive, and finding a good balance in family-work life
  4. Smiles, laughter, and being silly
  5. Lots of snuggles
Although it's the hardest job in the world, the joys of being a parent greatly outweigh the challenges and wouldn't trade being a mom for anything! I love watching my kids develop and learn new things as they work toward becoming their own person, with their own ambitions. I learn so much from my kids and feel blessed every day for them!

What five things do you most enjoy most about being a parent?

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