Practical Parenting Ideas: Five Entertaining Water Balloon Games

Monday, June 16, 2014

Five Entertaining Water Balloon Games

Playing water balloon games is a perfect way for kids to have fun while staying cool in the summer months. There’s just something about the anxiety of handling a water balloon and being surprised when it pops! Not only that, but these games are so easy to plan that you’ll be amazed how well they keep your kids entertained for hours of outdoor play!

  1. Water Balloon Toss: This classic game is played by lining up players across from each other. Each team throws the water balloon back and forth to their partner, slowly backing up a step with each throw. The last team to pop their balloon wins. 
  2. Water Balloon Tag: For those kids that just can’t resist hurling a water balloon at someone, tag is a simple activity that can keep kids running around squealing! Just make sure they aren’t being too rough and take turns being “it.” 
  3. Water Balloon Bullseye: For this activity you’ll need sidewalk chalk. Prepare by drawing a large bullseye (like you’d find on a dart board) on the sidewalk. Have the kids stand in a line and take turns throwing water balloons, aiming for the center. The person to land their water balloon closest to the middle wins that round. If the chalk washes off, simply draw another bullseye.
  4. Water Balloon Dodge Ball: Fill up two large plastic bins or coolers with water balloons. Divide the players into two teams and start the game with the teams on opposite sides facing each other. Have someone yell “Go!” and start throwing water balloons at your opponents. You’re out when you get hit by an opposing team member. 
  5. Water Balloon Sports: Play baseball, volleyball, or basketball, but instead of a standard ball use a water balloon! You’ll want plenty of water balloons for when they break. For baseball you’ll need something for bases and a plastic bat (or tennis racket for younger players to have a larger hitting surface). Volleyball can be played by holding ends of a towel with a partner to fling the water balloon across the net. Lastly, for basketball all you need is a hoop (or basket/bucket) and to pass the water balloon between players to get it to the basket. For a simpler game you could just see how many baskets you can make compared to your opponent. 
Whether you have a small or large group these games are sure to be a blast! Just be prepared that any of these games may result in an all-out water fight, but that just means the kids are having fun! Make blowing up a ton of water balloons easier with these products from Amazon below! (affiliate links - see full disclosure for more info)



  1. What a fun idea!! I loved this post on our roundup. So great for kids with this hot weather. My nephews love water balloons.

  2. This is a fun summer idea. I'm going to share this on my FB page for tomorrow.

  3. Such fun ideas!
    We love throwing water balloons at targets!