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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Top 5 potty training books

Potty training can be challenging for both parent and child. Perhaps you are trying to figure out if your child is ready, you've had some unsuccessful attempts at training, or you're just plain out lost as to where to start.
Sometimes reading books about going potty can help them become more familiar with the process and encourage them to go. Following are some of the best potty training books that I've found.

The only problem with some potty books is that they seem to be hard to find in stores in Utah, although generally you can find good deals through eBay and Amazon.
  1. Zack's PottyZoe's Potty: Fold out the legs and arms of this ingenious book to find a doll that can actually sit on the potty just like a child. Hidden in Zacks chest is a picture book all about learning to go on a potty. Also includes a potty chart, stickers, and a parents booklet in the backpack. My son got Zack's Potty for his second birthday since we started training at 22 months old, even now that he's 4 it's still one of his favorite books!
  2. It's Potty Time for BoysIt's Potty Time for Girls Help a child through potty training with It's Potty Time for Boys Potty Training Made EasyToilet training is a natural step in a child's development. With this book and a little patience, toilet training will be easy and rewarding for both parent and child. It features colorful step-by-step illustrations, a potty-time chart, and a toilet-flushing sound chip.
  3. Potty Time by Usborne Books: Join Baby, Bunny and Fido as they learn how to use a potty. This delightful book will help to make this everyday activity familiar to very young children.
  4. Once Upon a Potty (boy)/ Once Upon a Potty (girl): Your child will be empowered by Joshua/Prudence as he learns to use his new potty.
  5. It's Potty Time: Part of a series, this book presents life events in a very matter-of-fact way. Clear, colorful illustrations and text that offers encouragement will help boost your child's confidence.
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