Practical Parenting Ideas: Teaching responsibility at a young age

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Teaching responsibility at a young age

Young children are inherently dependent on their parents to teach and guide them. At the same time, children are very smart and thrive on gaining a sense of independence. As a parent, you may recall the stage when your toddler started to insist on doing things on his own saying, "I can do it myself!" Well, with some help, there are a lot of ways you can let him do just that!
In caring for your child find ways to help him gain a sense of independence and responsibility. Even a toddler can begin learning simple every day tasks. Teaching a child to do their part helps them realize they are part of a family and that there are certain responsiblities that come with that.
Simple chores young kids can do:
  • pick up his toys
  • help put clean clothing in his drawers
  • sorting silverware
  • helping to change or fold laundry
  • "vacuuming" (walk along you with their own)
  • help feed pet
  • put their dirty clothes in the hamper
  • help with a younger sibling
  • put dirty dishes in the sink
Other ways to teach independence:
  • give simple choices during the day reguarding clothing, food, and activities
  • teach him to put on his own clothes and shoes
  • teach him to wash his own hands
  • have him help with a younger sibling by playing with them or getting things
  • when requested, allow him to try new things with supervision
Starting young to teach independence and resposibility will help your child grow into a well-adjusted adult. In everything you do, always be sure to give lots of praise when your child is able to do things on their own. A child feels so proud when you approve of something they do. Also, be sure to supervise your child when learning new tasks as safety always comes first.

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