Practical Parenting Ideas: Does Mom need a time out?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Does Mom need a time out?

If you have kids you must know how they love to test your patience. The other day I was having a power struggle with my two year old. She just wasn't listening and both of us started losing our patience. I paused, took her aside and we both sat on the 'time out' mat. I explained to her that I thought we both needed a 'time out'. She started to giggle, but we both calmed down and were ready to solve the issue at hand.

At times there may be moments when as  a mom (or other caregiver) you may feel that you need a 'time out.' While it doesn't need to be actually sitting in the 'time out' spot, there are ways to take a break from the situation to get a breather and be ready to handle the kids again. There may be times that you can just walk out of the room for a few minutes (make sure the kids are safe first) and just sit for a moment.
Exchange breaks with your partner. If you had an especially hard day, tell him so. Ask if you can go out for a bit to get a break. Even driving to a nearby fast food restaurant, ordering an ice cream cone and eating it in the car before you go back inside can be enough of a break at times. Then be willing to do the same for him when he needs a break.
In the days events of a stay-at-home mom, with caring for the kids and cleaning the house (and the many other things you have to do) make sure to make time for yourself. If your kids are napping or playing quietly, be sure you're taking time to relax as well. Once you come back to taking care of the kids again you'll do it in a more relaxed and happy manner, all because you took the time to go to 'time out!'

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